What's up!

There are about 26.4 million software developers in the world. And that's just the estimate for professionals.
And one of the huge sources of motivation and learning for these Developers is Tech Communities in their region, and beyond. Commudle is a platform to provide for all these Communities and Developers. We aim to provide a platform where all the amazing content, ranging from slides, to sessions (even links to those) are all at one place. We want to know what those amazing side projects you have built, even if it's yet to be given those finishing touches.

Beginning with features to manage your Tech Community, we aim to create the world's largest platform built for Techies, by Techies.

Today, Commudle is having 3 main verticals, viz. Communities, Labs and Builds. Each of these is a step towards helping the Developers of these Communities, from managing the communities, creating tutorials, to recognizing the amazing things people are building.

Feel free to reach out at arpan@commudle.com for any suggestions, bug reports or even if you'd like to have a general chit-chat. It's always amazing to know someone new and their story!