Is it Free?

  For Developer/Design communities being run not-for-profit by individuals (or a team), It's Absolutely Free

  If you're a for-profit organization, we'll devise a custom plan which suits your needs perfectly. Fill This Form and we'll get back to you

How do I create a new independent Community

  Simple, Fill This Form , and we'll reach out to you super fast and schedule a 1:1 demo for you


  Host a single chapter or Multiple Chapters for your Organization, manage it all at one place

  Get to know the story of your community's growth with the when and how and how many, directly on your dashboard

  Engage and re-engage with your members for any activity you're planning by Emails (and channels, coming soon...!)

Commudle is home to more than 80 Communities in Tech & Design


  Support for both Online & Offline events

  Live Chat, QnA and Polls to keep your attendees engaged!

  Setup an event in less than 30 seconds (rest depends on how fast you type :D)

  Choose between simple and custom registration processes, use different registration statuses

  Simple Registration: One click to register, but the organizer still gets to choose who can attend!

  Custom Registration: Forms, are built in, just create one, or reuse from a past event. Send RSVPs and Entry Passes

  Show Speaker Profiles for each event

  Preserve Your Content: Speakers can add the details of their session directly into Commudle, for access by your members and all the world!

  Super easy to use Admin Panel

  Sponsors & Volunteers

  Collaborate with other Communities

  Stats: Know how your popular your event is or how it went with stats directly available before, during and after the event

  The most important part, collect feedbacks from attendees

For DevFest 2019, GDG New Delhi handled more than 1300+ attendees, 48 Speakers in 8 parallel tracks using Commudle

Offline Events

  Everything mentioned in events above

  Support for multiple locations, multiple tracks and slots

  Unique QR Code for scanning and marking attendance

  Mark uninvited attendees too! With option for On the Spot Registration

Events with multiple locations and tracks are easily manageable

Online Events

  Everything mentioned in events and offline above

  Auto attendance

  Multiple hosting options, embed YouTube Live, use Jitsi, post an external link or just embed an iframe of a platform of your choice. We think it's better to use the amazing available options, instead of creating a video streaming service)

Online events are engaging with the activity options on Commudle

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