11th Dec, 2020 3:30 PM to 12:00 AM

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adweteeya dwivedi
Sai Girish
Ayush kumar Gupta
JAIDEEP GARLYAL (RA2011033010046)
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We are finally here to hype the Gaming Geeks!

In the gun slinging world of Counter Strike, Geek Xtreme 1.0 has brought to you - GEEK WARS - on 11th December, 2020. 
Form a team of 5 and get loaded to be the Shroud rather than Forsaken of Counter Strike Global Offensive. Your guns shall bring you victory!

And guess what, that’s not the end...
Geek Wars is also having The Online Chess Game which is going to be the one stop destination for the solo players to not only outsmart the opponent but also outfight them!

It’s not the games we play that define us, it’s us who define the game that’s played!
So It’s time for you to outshine and the first step for it is to hurry up and Register!

- MY

- MY 8:06 AM, Monday 7th Dec, 2020


Amit Sachdeva

Amit Sachdeva 8:20 AM, Monday 7th Dec, 2020

Are you that desperate to play bro ? Aight. Mine : AS0008 (


- MY

- MY 8:22 AM, Monday 7th Dec, 2020

bruh desperate for life !

- MY

- MY 8:06 AM, Monday 7th Dec, 2020

likitha donta

likitha donta 8:25 AM, Monday 7th Dec, 2020


Adithya Ganesh

Adithya Ganesh 10:57 AM, Thursday 10th Dec, 2020

registrations closed?

SHIVANK TRIPATHI (RA1811003010311)

SHIVANK TRIPATHI (RA1811003010311) 1:09 PM, Thursday 10th Dec, 2020

where do I register is it closed?