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Nov 25, 2021


# SAHOS.A.H.O is an AI based Road Safety Assistant , with the increase in Road Accidents  , the idea of implementing an assistant that keeps track of your speed , destination , fuel gauge , etc becomes very crucial.  SAHO  will have a user end as an application and a website as an admin end . The monitor will use the accelerometer and gyro meter of the user’s  device to observe for any sudden stops , in case of an accident resulting sun sudden variation of accelerometer and a flip in gyrometer,will detect and send an SOS alert to immediate contacts and nearby hospitals .  The SAHO guidance goes Hand to hand with features from Google maps API , including live-time navigation , With a predictive AI model,SAHO will alert you to refuel and  where to refuel with ease.  High Alert mode maps all traffic,predicts weather and bike riding conditions calibrates the road blocks and Traffic Route Heat-map to give you the awareness you need for the long journey . High Alert mode also enables live time object detection which gives you access to all related services .  High Alert Mode is available only for the E - Helmet which houses a Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity. The E-Helmet will have inbuilt speakers which adjusts volume according to speed of the rider and other factors. It will also host a cam for object detection and VR mapping on the user’s Device . S.A.H.O is personalized and Ad-Free , with consumer privacy in mind.# What Problem(s) it solvesBy increasing the awareness and detail of all the aspects while driving , the rider is in turn more alert thus resulting in minimal civilian and economic casualties.Keeps an eye on the gauge meter for you , the assistant will advice you to refill at the nearest possible location .Advices you to maintain a maximum  speed limit in a certain road to maximize control .In case of an accident , SOS dials the nearby hospital / police / contacts (emergency ) automatically .Object detection and VR based UI for easy navigation . # Innovation  1.EMERGENCY & SAFETY ASSISTANCE  SOS Alert notifies your emergency contacts of your present position in the event that your safety is in jeopardy and ensures medical assistance at the earliest .The accelerometer and gyroscope will detect a certain change in both speed and direction in which case after  the 3-second warning countdown, registered emergency contacts in the app, and the medical services nearby will have a distress beacon containing user data , location and time. 2. Fuel Gauge Assistance This utility shows all available hotspots where the user can refuel most efficiently, it will also have the updated price of the fuel. (Petrol and Diesel)/L. This also suggests refilling fuel to avoid scenarios where running out of said fuel may result in a delay in the journey. By calculating the journey plan and amount of fuel , it also suggests if the user may need an extra canister of fuel .Hands-on information about prices in fuel from Organize your favorite cities by pinning them for easy access. 3. VR simulator An image recognition program that synchronizes UPI codes to Petrol Pump Icons in the direction you are looking at , all at your mobile application making it easier to make payments , find hotspots, restaurants and all such  utilities.  4. The monitor A huge database containing the speed limit of a growing number of roads , the AI enabled voice assistant dedicated to SAHO will advice bikers to be alert in view and keep in check the speed of the ride to said safety limit. The continuous  monitoring will be displayed as a visual representation  for the riders to understand breach  of safety rules .The monitor is solely responsible to impact alertness and avoid carelessness / haste while driving a vehicle .    How it will be different from similar existing solutions. *The indirect competitors constitute of solutions only for the android users (unavailable to IOS)  and the solutions are not automated ! The Indirect Competitors are :SOS EMERGENCY APP : After entering the numbers manually in the event of an accident, one has to open the app and press a button which then calls the said contact. DAILY PETROL is an application that displays prices of data in a respective area.CRASHGUARD: Manually needs to send  SOS in the event of an accident to a group of contacts. SAHO is an AI-enabled automated response system which detects  a sudden spike from the accelerometer and nonlinear data from the gyroscope, which sends an automated distress beacon after a 5-second Countdown.The Beacon will have the longitude and latitude of the user’s current location , name , blood type , gender, and age to nearby medical facilities or 102.SAHO also monitors the fuel gauge and alerts user to refuel on the go , dynamically keeping track of the users surroundings .  # Ethics, Privacy, Moral and Legal issues related with the SAHO  SAHO, a  software that uses the real-time location of the user, we need to have legal, privacy, and safety issues concerning user data encrypted and secured before releasing into the market. Being an app that needs a lot of user data to function, so data privacy protection comes into play,  we have to abide by all data privacy rules and regulations. We are even dealing with sensitive issues here, with a very high death rate thus a terms and conditions page issuing that the application is expected to work in the following conditions.  Morality in the functioning of an app for minimizing accident-related issues. SAHO will use user GPS data, we are obliged to not save or manipulate user data for any other purpose than further optimization of  the app. #APP Features  #1. Fuel Calculator ![WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 1 39 19 PM (3)]( Give you the Detail of Your Need Of Petrol According to your Vehicle Specification #2. Nearby (Fuel,Bank,ATM,Resturant, Movie Threater) ![WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 1 39 19 PM (4)]( Evreything Near You Like ATM, BANK, RESTURANT, FUEL , MOVIE THREATER #3 Fuel Detail Get every State Fuel Price ![WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 1 39 19 PM (5)]( # Vehicle Reco  ![WhatsApp Image 2021-11-25 at 1 39 19 PM (5)](      

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