Implicit Animations in Flutter

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Implicit Animations in Flutter

Welcome to Commudle Labs :)

In this lab we will learn about some of the basic Flutter Widgets used for animations without using any extra Animation Controllers or Tweens. ImplicitlyAnimatingWidget is one of these widget with its other subclasses, they manage and create there own internal Controllers for Animations. You must have basic knowledge of Flutter, like simple widget usage and manage states in FLutter

What are Implicit Animating Widgets?

These Widgets automatically animate whenever there is change in their properties. They will not start animating just after their first build but will animate if there are changes in the value of their properties, that too in the provided Duration. If you want to change the animating behaviours like stopping in the middle, or start animating from the first build or anything like that, you can use Animating Widgets instead.

Some commonly used ImplicitAnimtingWidgets

  • AnimatedContainer : an animating version of Container, animated in every property change like color, height etc.
  • AnimatedAlign : animates whenever there is change in Alignment property.
  • AnimatedOpacity : automatically transitions the child's opacity over a given duration whenever the given opacity changes.
  • AnimatedSize : Animated widget that automatically transitions its size over a given duration whenever the given child's size change.
  • and much more.


Lets Start

For basic usage of Implicit Animating Widget we will use AnimatedContainer.